05 mars 2008

The 6th International Conference on East Asian Calligraphy Education ( Taiwan )

The 6th International Conference
on East Asian Calligraphy Education

National Taichung University, Taichung, Taiwan
July 1-3, 2008

Official conference website: http://www.ntcu.edu.tw/lan/2008ICEACE/about.htm 中文

The 6th International Conference on East Asian Calligraphy Education will be held at National Taichung University, Taichung, Taiwan, June 30 - July 2, 2008. This conference is co-sponsored by Calligraphy Education Group (CEG) USA, National Taichung University, Mingdao University, and other participatory institutions in Taiwan. It aims to promote East Asian calligraphy education in a global context and to present the latest researches on and creative works of calligraphy. The main theme of the conference is the globalization and diversification of East Asian calligraphy education (including the education of East Asian calligraphy culture). We invite calligraphy educators, researchers, artists, practitioners, and connoisseurs from all countries and regions to present their papers and/or creative works at the conference.

The international conference series on East Asian calligraphy education was launched by Calligraphy Education Group (CEG) USA; each conference was co-sponsored by CEG and the host institution. The 1st conference was held at the University of Maryland in 1998; the 2nd at the State University of California at Long Beach in 2000; the 3rd at Beijing Normal University in China in 2002; the 4th at University of South Carolina at Columbia in 2004; the 5th at Yasuda Women’ University in Hiroshima, Japan, in 2006.

Conference Details

1. Important Dates:
Calligraphy workshop June 29 (Sunday) - 30 (Monday), 2008
Conference: July 1 (Tuesday) – July 2 (Wednesday), 2008
Visiting National Palace Museum in Taipei: July 3 (Thursday), 2008
Abstract / proposal submission deadline: January 31, 2008
Application for display of calligraphy works deadline: February 29, 2008

2. Conference Sites:
National Taichung University, Taichung, Taiwan
Mingdao University, Changhua, Taiwan

3. Conference Executive Committee (in alphabetic order):
Mr. Chang Chienfu (Chair, Calligraphy Work Review Committee, Taiwan) Chinese
Society of Calligraphy, Painting, and Seal-Engraving, Taiwan
Prof. Chen Weide (Chair, Calligraphy Work Review Committee, Taiwan), Mingdao
University, Taiwan
Dr. Yea-fen Chen, University of Wisconsin at Milwakee, USA
Prof. Isao Kume (Chair, Paper Review Committee, Japan), Shokoku University, Japan
Dr. Kim Byong-Gi (Chair, Paper Review Committee, & Calligraphy Work Review
Committee, Korea), Chonbuk National University, South Korea
Dr. Wendan Li, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Prof. Liu Ying (Chair, Paper Review Committee, Taiwan), National Taichung University,
Prof. Nobuo Hagi (Chair, Calligraphy Work Review Committee, Japan), Yasuda Women's
University, Japan
Dr. Bertrand Mao (Chair, Calligraphy Work Review Committee, North America),
Sino-American Cultural Society, USA
Prof. Qin Yonglong (Chair, Calligraphy Work Review Committee, China, including Hong
Kong & Macau), Beijing Normal University, China
Dr. Daan Pan (Committee Chair), California State Polytechnic University, USA
Prof. Wang Ji’an (Chair, Paper Review Committee, China, including Hong Kong & Macau),
Naijing Normal University, China
Dr. Lihua Ying (Chair, Paper Review Committee, North America), Bard College, USA
4. Suggested Topics of Presentation:
A. Globalization of East Asian Calligraphy Education
a. Globalization of East Asian Calligraphy Education
b. Globalization of East Asian Calligraphy Culture
c. Local Paradigms and Dynamics of East Asian Calligraphy Education in
Different Countries and Regions
B. Diversification of East Asian Calligraphy
a. Children’s Calligraphy
b. Disabled Persons’ Calligraphy
c. Senior Citizens’ Calligraphy
d. Women’s Calligraphy
5. Submissions:

a. Abstracts / Proposals (Deadline: January 31, 2008):
Abstracts / proposals (Maximum: 300 words in English, or 500 characters in Chinese) must be submitted electronically to the regional representatives in the area of the author’s geographical location (listed below) with the author’s name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and email address atop the page. Specific requests for presentation equipment must be indicated along with submissions.
Each presentation is limited to 20 minutes, Chinese or English is preferred. If given in Japanese, Korean, or any other language, a Chinese or English version is needed for the audience.
b. Application for Display of Calligraphy Works (Deadline: February 29, 2008):
Calligraphy works must be submitted for review electronically (via e-mail attachment or CDR). Do not submit original works, hardcopy photos or slides. After being accepted, original works should be brought to the conference site and made ready for public display. They will be returned to their owners on the final day of the conference. Details for all display works must be provided along with submissions.
c. Regional Representatives:

North America & All Other Countries & Regions (Excluding China, Taiwan, Japan, & Korea):
Dr. Daan Pan (General Inquiries)
Email: dpan@csupomona.edu
Department of English and Foreign Languages
California State Polytechnic University
Pomona, CA, 91768
Tel.: 909-869-3819 (W)
Fax: 909-869-4896

Dr. Lihua Ying (Abstracts / Proposals)
Email: ying@bard.edu
Department of Asian Studies
Bard College
Annandale-On-Hudson, NY 12504
Tel.: 845-758-7545 (W); Cel.: 516-524-1405

Dr. Bertrand Mao (Calligraphy Works)
Email: bertrandmao@aol.com
Sino-American Cultural Society
P. O. Box 1556
Rockville, MD 20849
Phone: 301-299-3990 (H)
China (Including Hong Kong & Macau)
Prof. Wang Ji’an (Abstracts/Proposals; Calligraphy Works)
Email: thesting@sina.com, wangjian_js@163.com
Department of Calligraphy
Nanjing Normal University
122 Haining Rd., Nanjing, China 210097
Tel.: 025-8620-6740 (H); Cel.: 1330516-6661
Fax: 025-8349833
Prof. Liu Ying (Abstracts/Proposals)
Email: liuying@mail2000.com.tw
Department of Language and Literary Education
National Taichung University
140 Min-Sheng Rd., Taichung, Taiwan
Tel.: 886-4-2218-3431 (W); Cel.: 886-9-31-279-567
Fax: 886-4-2218-3430

Mr. Chang Chienfu (Calligraphy Works)
Email: Chang.chienfu@msa.hinet.net
Chinese Society of Calligraphy, Painting, and Seal-Engraving, Taiwan
3rd Floor, 402 Section 4, San-He Rd.
Sanchung, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel.: 886-2-2287-5435 (W); Cel.: 886-930-190-391
Fax: 886-2-2287-5717
Prof. Tomoe Nobuhiro (Abstracts/Proposals; Calligraphy Works)
Email: nobuhiro@yasuda-u.ac.jp
Yasuda Women’s University
6-13-1 Yasuhigashi
Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima, Japan 731-0153
Tel.: 81-82-878-8111 (W)
Fax: 81-82-872-2896
Dr. Kim Byong-Gi (Abstracts/Proposal; Calligraphy Works)
Email: shimseok@chonbuk.ac.kr
Department of Chinese Language & Literature
Chonbuk National University
Jeonju, Jeonbuk, 561-756, South Korea
Tel.: 82-(0)63-270-3270 (W); Cel. 019-9776-7920
Fax: 82-(0)63-270-3223
6. Tentative Conference Schedule:
July 1 (Tuesday):
On-site Registration; Opening Ceremony; Keynote Address; Panel Presentations,
Round Table Discussions; Welcome Reception.

July 2 (Wednesday):
Panel Presentations; Round Table Discussions; Calligraphy Demonstrations & Exhibition;
Closing Ceremony.

July 3 (Thursday):
Calligraphy Cultural Heritage Fieldtrip, Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

7. Registration Fees:
$80 (Early Registration: before April 1, 2008)
$100 (Regular Registration: after April 2, 2008)
$120 (On-site Registration)

8. Travel (International) & Accommodation:
Detailed information concerning international travel to conference site, conference-designated
lodgings and group rates will be made available to each participant upon registration.

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